Local suggestion series, Alaska

We asked our favorite Alaskans, the AK Salmon Sisters, what to do before and after our retreat in Cooper Landing, AK and this is what they said.


AK Salmon Sister story (awesome 5 min short film)


Arriving early? Where should folks eat breakfast in Anchorage or anywhere somewhat near the airport?

We love Fire Island Bakery, Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Snow City Cafe, Dipper Donuts and Middle Way Cafe.

Where should folks eat lunch in Anchorage or anywhere somewhat near the airport?

Bear Tooth or Moose's Tooth!

Where should folks eat dinner in Anchorage or anywhere somewhat near the airport?

Spenard Road House or Club Paris are our favorites.

Do you suggest any cool maker stores with small batch products so attendees can grab something made my locals?

Dos Manos, Octopus Ink, Wild Scoops, Sevigny Gallery are great places to check out.

Hikes or trail runs near Anchorage or on their way to Cooper Landing?

Flat top mountain in Anchorage, or head down to Girdwood to Crow Pass Trail or hike around Alyeska Resort.

Must stops on our way from Anchorage to Cooper Landing?

Manitoba Cabin, Froth and Forage Coffeehouse & Eatery - you could also take a quick detour to Hope, AK!

Some attendees are staying in Alaska for awhile. Is there anything else you suggest? aka what are your must do's before leaving Alaska?

The Anchorage Museum and the Islands and Oceans Center all come to mind. If you are in Seward or Homer stop by our flagship stores to meet our team - they have lots of local favorites they would love to share!