Lodged Out, private events!

Hey friends, did you know we offer private event production in Lodged Out style? You bring the people and we take care of everything else.

Lodged Out’s are outdoorsy unplugged retreats at historic summer camps and lodges surrounded by national forests, lakes, and mountains. Our goal for your group is to provide a few days away from computer screens and cellphones, enabling participants to get some fresh air, make authentic and lasting connections. And of course, play outside like we used to. Follow the steps below and we’ll take the Lodged Out model and build you a custom unplugged, outdoorsy experience! — from our custom retreat page.

Here’s one we did recently for Novo in upstate New York.


Here’s what they thought…

“My name is Michael Rangel, Founder and CEO of Novo, a mobile banking platform built for modern entrepreneurs. Bobbilee is a client of ours, and when I learned more about her business, I was incredibly impressed. Novo looks to support small businesses in everything we do, so I reached out to her to coordinate our company retreat.

Honestly, this was one of the most well-organized events I’ve ever participated in. She is an incredible event planner and ensured every detail was carefully considered to create a meaningful impact.


We are a startup based out of NYC and we just expanded our team with new hires, and I wanted to use the retreat almost as a company culture accelerator for the new recruits. I wanted everyone to bond, do team-building activities, and the other half was to create some really cool memories! Spoiler alert: with Bobbi’s help, we accomplished a lot more than just those 3 items.

In startups you’re constantly grinding, working toward building the dream, and burnout can be rather high. We work with a very talented group of go-getters and I wanted this trip to reflect how much we value everyone’s hard work before we take off on the rocketship this year.

Bobbilee somehow found a private mansion previously owned by old railroad tycoon money in the Adirondacks. How she found this place is a whole other story, but it demonstrates her tireless dedication in finding an ideal location for every event she organizes.

The space was out of this world and it overlooked a lake. We thought we were just going to be staying in a small cabin, but this totally exceeded our wildest expectations! The sporting activities she found were also unique. We had the choice between downhill skiing or cross country skiing across a lake to learn how to ice fish! That alone allowed each team member to participate in something that they could really enjoy. The best part? She brought a photographer to capture the entire weekend that was willing to venture out in the cold with us. There’s some pretty great photos of me lying on the lake when I lost my balance haha.

Not to mention, she can bring guest speakers and workshop runners to all of her retreats. We had the chance to learn from the Middle West Management founder, Kyle Frenette, behind Bon Iver, followed by a very interesting discussion.”


The living room of this place looked like right out of a film. It served the perfect environment for various activities, brainstorming, and hanging out next to the fireplace. Outside of the awesome memories we created, we walked away from that trip with a clear understanding of our culture, mission, values, and the type of qualities we want to have and cultivate in each employee. I think it also brought out the best of everyone’s personalities, made us closer as a team, and really got us throwing around some cool ideas for the business.

We can’t thank Bobbilee from Lodged Out enough. She’s an exceptional professional and an all-around outstanding person. At the end of the trip, we all felt like family and already want to plan the next retreat with her!”

Michael Rangel, Founder and CEO of Novo

Feeling pretty good about this one. Reach out if you, your company, remote team, club, online community or network are interested in a custom Lodged Out experience of your own!

Written by Bobbilee. All photos by Alycia Lovell