Since leaving the retreat, I’m more mindful of my screen time, and have been applying lessons learned from the workshops into my daily life.
— Katie Boué, Outdoor Advocate

Lodged Out is an extraordinary experience. By unplugging in nature with total strangers, you exercise your ability to connect with others in an authentic way. In today’s world, it takes a certain kind of bravery to do this. And every person who attended seemed to recognize that. The amount of love, kindness, creativity, and openness I witnessed was overwhelming. Bobbilee has crafted the perfect recipe for collaboration and friendship. I can’t wait for the next one!
— Nickol Matallana, Filmmaker + Founder of Oxen Jewelry

Best time ever. The founder (Bobbi) curated a super memorable experience in nature with a bunch of likeminded yet diverse folks from all over the world. Can’t wait for the next one!
— Eli Rubel, Entrepreneur

I highly recommend attending a Lodged Out retreat in the future if you want to have an awesome unplugged outdoor adventure. It was so valuable and therapeutic and Bobbilee did a fantastic job with everything! My heart is full and I am so grateful for the memories and all the awesome makers I met on this trip! Looking forward to my next adventure!
— Latasha Dunston, Artist

I attended the flagship Lodged Out for female creatives in Worley, Idaho and it was one of the highlights of my year. I met so many incredible people and it was super soul-nourishing to unplug for a few days. The kinds of connections that come from Bobbilee’s curated environment are really special. It was structured but not stressful. We did creative things and spent a lot of time outside, and a big group of strangers from across the country laughed and cried and bonded like kids at summer camp. It was the best.
— Hailey Hirst, Photographer and Writer, She Explores

Lodged Out was an eye opener, really. It widened my gaze to the beautiful world we live in, the people who surround us and how quickly that stranger can become a friend. I went having no idea what to expect; I came home with a solid group of friends, a notebook full of ideas and a better understanding of what it really means to be an entrepreneur. 5 stars for sure!
— Hanna Vomhof, WAAM Industries

As an independent creative, once in a while I feel somewhat stuck in a bubble. Whether that be because I haven’t traveled in a while, or because I need to spice it up a bit in my work or collaborations. Lodged Out definitely put a little fire under me to reach even more outside my comforts.

It was the perfect mix of adventure, a much needed break, and an introduction to exciting new things. I’m so inspired by meeting new people and somehow Lodged Out seem to have that perfectly curated group of people to connect with. Each one of them are doing something amazing, and the fact that we were all in the same room together, interested in the same things is so inspiring to me. From outdoor advocacy to creative writing—the workshops were a perfect blend of learning something new, and then proceeding to be obsessed with it. So were the activities. Having the options of trying new snow sports felt so achievable there. It could have been the beautiful location.

Being surrounded by mountains and tress and that amount of snow makes everything feel just so casually amazing and adventurous. I would do this experience again in a heartbeat. Multiple times. And for longer. Or I should maybe just think about changing up my lifestyle.
— Anne Ulku, Designer

Y’all, Lodged Out was such a magical little pocket universe. I never thought I’d find myself loving x country skiing and making a handful of new close friends in a few days but here we are.
— Emelyn Baker, Designer, Brit+Co

Lodged Out was the trip of the season, conversations with other creatives, fireside chats and endless time on my skis filled me up. These are the movers & shakers!
— ALison Mayer, maker

We once were strangers.

Creators, makers, doers—all insanely compassionate and completely wonderful. Last week at @lodgedout, I got to spend time with some truly marvelous humans. I was fully prepared to spend time alone, maybe find a few people to hang around, but I was not prepared for the level of community that came together so quickly in the snow between those mountains.

New friends shared stories and laughter at the breakfast table, weird confessions around the fire, and adventurous encouragement on the trails. Presenters challenged us to look beyond our comfortable selves toward the stars, our choices, and our hearts. Speakers bravely and compassionately shared their truths in order to strengthen the lives of people they just met. Unplugging never felt so good.

I’m surprised by how empowered I feel to try new things, to be genuine and alive, to be nothing more than myself. ‘No one to be.’
— MAren Nelson, Designer

Everyone needs a Lodged Out experience in their life. I went on this retreat without knowing a single soul, and came away with a collection of new friends. I met kind, smart, creative people from across the country. I learned new things in the workshops, and had plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings. The food was incredible and the talks inspirational. Seriously, it’s the perfect way to disconnect from the frantic pace of everyday life and reconnect with yourself.
— Erica Walsh, Sculptor

We did creative things and spent a lot of time outside, and a big group of strangers from across the country laughed and cried and bonded like kids at summer camp. It was the best.
— Hailey Hirst, Photographer and Writer, She Explores